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17th October, 16:00 - 18:00. Seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities in Health Technology Research and Application”, Dr. Sandra Woolley, Keele University, UK


Tuesday 17th
October 2017. 16:00-18:00.
UPC Campus Nord, Room A6-203.

“Challenges and Opportunities in Health
Technology Research and Application”

Dr. Sandra Woolley
Software and
Systems Engineering Research, Keele University, UK

The seminar
will comprise the following two parts and provide examples of the health,
technology and translational challenges and opportunities for each.


1)  Assistive Technologies and Wearable
Devices for Healthcare and Well-being 

There are very many new
opportunities for assistive technologies to significantly improve the
independence, quality of life and health outcomes of individuals, both young
and old, living with a range of health conditions. Examples of unmet needs and
technology applications relevant to people living with i) dementia and ii)
life-threatening anaphylactic allergies, will be presented. The research
methodologies and practicalities of clinical prototyping will be discussed and
exemplified with the "AllergiSense" wireless sensing system and app
designed to help individuals manage anaphylactic allergies.

 2) Patient Monitoring
and Precision Medicine

Aging populations and a rise
in chronic conditions add to the increasing burdens experienced by central
health services. Systems that enable robust health-monitoring outside the
hospital and clinic environment are one way of reducing the burden on these
services. Patient monitoring systems also provide opportunities for acquiring
substantially more detailed patient data than previously possible. The new
"quantified patient" of the future might then also benefit from
improved diagnoses and individually-tailored "precision medicine".
 Experiences from developing a clinical wearable and ambient monitoring
prototype will be discussed, and the results presented. The lessons learnt and
the evolution of a new system design will be outlined.

The seminar will close with a
brief look ahead toward future health technology possibilities.