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May 2014: The program is extinction phase (last students admitted in September 2011). The last opportunity for MSC thesis defences will be by January 2015 (Enrolled in the autumn 2014 semester).

September, 2012: Based on the preregistration students sent, the following advanced courses are available. Regarding basic courses most of them may be open but you need to check. You can also consider courses from the MIRI master program, the new program that substitutes CANS, and from other masters from FIB (look at the "Timetable" section for each to see courses offered). The ordinary enrollment event is on September 6th at 10h (can be done online). If you did not send the pre-registration information on time, or it differs, your enrollment may be postponed for another day in September (to be announced) due to lack of information.

May, 2012: Timetable for Seminar courses.

April, 2012: The CANS Master will join the "Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics" (MIRI) with two specialization areas: "Computer Networks and Distributed Systems", and "High Performance Computing". New candidate students should apply to MIRI

January 27, 2012: Update on available seminars for the Q2 semester.

Sept 1st, 2011:

  • September 6: Course registration for admitted students with pre-selected courses
  • September 21: end of extraordinary admission period
  • September 27: deadline for the notification of admission to students
  • September 29: Extraordinary course registration for admitted students with pre-selected courses


July 26, 2011: The admission (extraordinary period) for CANS reopen until September 21, 2011.



July 2011:

The ordinary admission process has closed. Accepted students have been notified by email and status can be checked individually at the admissions intranet.  

The tentative calendar for the 2011 edition at UPC will be: 

  • September 5-9th: Orientation week at UPC (recommended); Students need to register to it before July 15.
  • Course registration: September 6th.For students arriving late, a extraordinary course registration will take place on the first week of October (exact dates to be announced).
  • Lectures on 1st semester: September 7th - December 12th
  • Exams for 1st semester: Jan 11th - Jan 24th
  • Lectures on 2nd semester: February 13th - June 1st
  • Exams 2nd semester: June 6th - June 22nd

Logistic issues for accepted students:

  • You should have a tutor (pre-selected or received an email assigning a professor as a tutor). With him you will need to define and inform about the list of convalidations and the list of courses to enroll in the first (and an outline for the second) semester (not later than July 25).
  • The day of the course registration (enrollment) you will need to bring documents to proceed with that.
  • Check the International mobility officefor legal documentation, accomodation and other practical issues to prepare your move.