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Master CANS: Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems

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The CANS Master has joined the "Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics" (MIRI) with two specialization areas: "Computer Networks and Distributed Systems", and "High Performance Computing".

New candidate students should apply to MIRI.

Existing CANS students: The program is extinction phase (last MSC thesis defence by January 2015) (check the course and news section for more details).

The aim of this master’s degree is to train researchers who will work internationally and be able to integrate themselves in any research and development centre—public or private, national or international—in the fields of computer architecture, high-performance computers, operating systems, computer networks and distributed systems.

Structure and regulations:

Master Thesis:

  • Master thesis regulations
  • Clarification for students on delivery of the PhD report: The student has to contact each member of the examination panel and deliver him a copy (all or at least one of the copies in paper for the record/library) ONE week before the defence. You don't need to contact the DAC admin or FIB for this. A few days after the defence you can contact FIB (academic office) to request the official degree.

Admission procedure: A two step process: 1st) remote pre-registration of candidate students. Admitted students receive an invitation letter (required for eventual visa application). 2nd) Registration/enrollment is done in-situ typically the first week of September.

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