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Welcome to the Currency Management System (CMS) project


30/10/08 - CMS development version is available through the subversion repository. Check it out at


The current and future Internet, as a shared open network and service infrastructure, is used every day by more people and more diverse applications. This growth in usage, capacity and diversity makes even more difficult to provide sustainable high quality services to its heterogeneous population. In these kind of shared and cooperative infrastructures, resource providers may find there is not sufficient compensation and may be tempted to simply stop contributing more resources or block certain applications to reduce their load. Besides, users have no incentive to make an efficient use of resources of the, otherwise usually congested, overall infrastructure.

The Currency Management System (CMS) principal aim is to provide the means to self-regulate and account for resource exchanges to ensure the stability and fairness of the infrastructure. Thus, it is modelled as a decentralized banking service which enable participants to exchange currency among to incentive sharing while limiting purchase power as well as provide the necessary infrastructure to support regulation policies based on different wealth re-distributions.



Project status

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