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July-September 2013: 

The students mobility office at UPC can orient you if you need any help with your arrival. I can help you in academic aspects.

It is extremely useful for you to register to the Orientation week (2-6 of September). Lectures start the week after. There are limited seats. You can register until 16th July.

Language courses at UPC language services (Spanish and Catalan). Another spanish course will be offered during the normal academic term.

On Wednesday September 4 at 11:30h we will have an EMDC welcome event at C6-E101 (you'll know more about the location in the orientation week and on our dept. web site: www.ac.upc.edu) that you should attend. 

Courses, timetable, calendar.

June 2013: MSC Defences

Clarification for students on delivery of the PhD report: The student has to send his report to each member of the examination panel (at least one of the copies should be in paper for the record/library) ONE week before the defence (You don't need to contact the DAC admin or FIB for this). A few days after the defence you can contact FIB (academic office) to request the official degree.

Monday 1'st July at UPC, C6-220


UPC/KTH - Mário  Almeida (Yan Grunenberger (industrial supervisor), Jorge García (academic supervisor)): 

Trinity : a scalable framework for application-aware mobile traffic optimization

Evaluation: Leandro Navarro Moldes; Johan Montelius, KTH; Jose Maria Barceló


UPC/KTH - Emmanouil Dimogerontakis (Leandro Navarro Moldes): 

Software Defined Networking for Community Networks

Evaluation: Felix Freitag; Johan Montelius, KTH; Jose Maria Barceló


UPC/KTH - Zafar Gilani (Vijay Erramilli (Telefonica Research), Jose M. Barceló Ordinas (UPC)): 

Spatio-temporal characterization of mobile web content

Evaluation: Leandro Navarro Moldes; Johan Montelius, KTH; Felix Freitag


UPC/KTH - Arinto Murdopo (Albert Bifet (industrial supervisor), Gianmarco De Francisci Morales (industrial supervisor), Ricard Gavalda (academic supervisor)): 

Distributed Decision Tree Learning for Mining Big Data Streams

Evaluation: Leandro Navarro Moldes; Johan Montelius, KTH; Felix Freitag


UPC/KTH - Antonio Severien (Marta Arias): 

Scalable Distributed Real-Time Clustering for Big Data Stream

Evaluation: Leandro Navarro Moldes; Johan Montelius, KTH; David Carrera


UPC/KTH - Maria Stylianou (Dionysios Logothetis (industrial supervisor), David Carrera (academic supervisor)): 

GraphLib: a Graph-Mining Library based on the Pregel Model

Evaluation: Leandro Navarro Moldes; Johan Montelius, KTH; Felix Freitag


UPC/KTH - Ioanna Tsalouchidou (Leandro Navarro Moldes): 

A distributed self-management service

Evaluation: David Carrera; Johan Montelius, KTH; Felix Freitag


UPC/KTH - Umit Cavus Buyuksahin (Felix Freitag): 

Sustainability of Community Cloud

Evaluation: Leandro Navarro Moldes; Johan Montelius, KTH; David Carrera


Course 2013:

The tentative calendar for the 2013-2015 edition will be published in June. 

Course 2012:


Course 2011:

The first year of the 2010 edition is about to end. Students at UPC will be moving to the 2nd year at KTH starting on the 16th of August.

Students selected for the 2011 edition are preparing his arrival to UPC.

The tentative calendar for the 2011 edition at UPC will be:

  • September 1,2,5th (later also possible): Students are welcome to report his arrival (Campus Nord: D6-218, contact: Trini Carneros) for the scholarship; 
  • September 5-9th: Orientation week at UPC (recommended) including a specific EMDC welcome event; Students need to register to it before July 15.
  • Course registration: September 6th.
  • Lectures on 1st semester: September 7th - December 12th
  • Exams for 1st semester: Jan 11th - Jan 24th
  • EMDC Winter event: week starting February 6th (days to determine)
  • Lectures on 2nd semester: February 13th - June 1st
  • Exams 2nd semester: June 6th - June 22nd

September 2010:

The application deadline for the 2011 edition of the EMDC master was November 30, 2010 for European and non European students interested in scholarships from the Erasmus Mundus program.

The calendar to start the 2010 edition of the EMDC master program at UPC will be:

  • September 6th-10th, 2010: Orientation week at UPC (All EMDC students have been registered to that event about all you need to know regarding studying at UPC, and living in Barcelona. Program of activities
  • September 8th, 2010: Welcome event D6-S103 at 10:00, as part of the Orientation Week.
  • September 13th, 2010: Start of lectures.
  • Calendar for the 2010-2011 year
  • May 31st, 2011: End of courses.

The timetable for the first semester (four-month term or approx. 1st quarter = Q1)


If you are looking for accommodation at a flat or residence, check first at the BCN housing for students.

Orientation and support for international students:

The International Mobility Office provides general information, advice and support in coming to UPC and Barcelona for studying.