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Ludium Lab, spin-off cofounded by Álex Pajuelo and Xavi Verdú, receives the BDigital award for Digital Innovation

The purpose of the BDigital Awards for Digital Innovation is fostering innovative projects with a clear technological application, based upon results generated at companies, technological centres and universities. Also could be presented innovative products and services, developed or under development, designed for for encouraging the society of information and the digital world.

Ludium’s project from Ludium Lab S.L - small companies and entrepreneurs : Ludium is a mobile cloud gaming service that allows users to play PC video games on smartphones and tablets. The games run on cloud computers distributed on the Internet that are managed so their resources can be used while you interact with them on mobile devices. This is all transparent for the user, as you really feel like the games are running on your mobile phone when in reality they are running on remote computers. This means that you can now play the original PC version of a game on your mobile phone or tablet, whereas you could not before.



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