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Research groups

The officially recognized research groups at DAC are: list


Architectures of Compilers

ARCO is formed by members of the Department of Computer Architecture at UPC, members of the Intel-UPC Barcelona Research Center and members of the Computer Science Department at the Universitat Rovira Virgili (URV). The group is formed by professors, PhD students, and post-doc researchers. The research of the group focuses on microarchitectures and compilers for future processors, bearing in mind the underlying technology. The main goal is to increase performance, enhance reliability and reduce power dissipation of future processors.

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High Performance Computing

HPC group researchs on improving the efficiency of high-performance computing systems. To that end, it is necessary to take different approaches that require a certain level of cooperation and integration: microarchitecture and multiprocessor architecture, compilers, operating systems, analysis, visualization and prediction tools, algorithms and applications. When measuring efficiency, and besides the classical approach that includes the execution time, we will use metrics that consider design aspects (such as cycle time, area and power dissipation of the processor and memory hierarchy, scalability of the microarchitecture and multiprocessor organization), systems correctness, portability and easy-to-use of the programming models and performance when running on multiuser, multiprogrammed and distributed environments, among others.

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Broadband Comunication Systems

The investigation is focused on the Broadband networks, services and applications. Key topics in the development of research activities are: capture and traffic analysis, traffic modeling, traffic engineering, congestion control, switching and routing protocols. These issues within the group are developed for both IP / MPLS as well as for optical networks. In the latter case are included the development of control plane protocols and network physical level.

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Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

The goals of the group are to perform basic and applied research, education and dissemination in top,ics on computer networks and distributed systems. Topics: Computer networks with support for mobility. Ad-hoc and sensor networks. Design of network equipment. Evaluation of performance. Internet protocols. Security protocols, mechanisms and specifications. Protocols and distributed applications. Decentralized and large scale systems. Educational and collaborative applications.

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CRAAX: Advanced Network Architectures

The CRAAX team was set to concentrate a pool of knowledge in the ICT field, with the main objective of conducting breakthrough applied research in several network related areas.

Foremost, the core CRAAX mission is positioned to transfer research results to the industry sector but also to harvest innovative solutions strongly impacting on the overall society, while simultaneously keep on training highly skilled professionals.

Nowadays, the CRAAX team manages the CRAAX Lab bringing together a multidisciplinary team consisting in researchers from the UPC (networking and OS background) and from the Directorate of Innovation at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona (health background). This correlation of knowledge, integrating and leveraging ICT and health profiles, fosters the development of innovative high-tech close-to-society solutions with a particular focus on smart scenarios (IoX, cities, transport, homes) and on the e-health sector.

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Data Management

The work of the group focuses on the research and technology transfer in topics related to the management and retrieval of large data volumes, information quality and data exploration. Topics of interest for our group include studying and improving performance in several scenarios such as relational databases, graph databases, data cleansing and integration and, in general, in any operation related to the management of very large data volumes.

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Distributed Multimedia Applications Group

The current research and development activities mainly deal with: the production, management and distribution of multimedia content in a secure and standard way, including electronic commerce of multimedia services and products and its business models; metadata use, search and interoperability to manage and store information about content; and all aspects of security, privacy and digital management of rights along the content life cycle. A key issue in all the previous topics is standardisation. Furthermore, research is also progressing on topics such as content adaptation and semantics, event reporting, ontologies and privacy and rights in online social networks.

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Intelligent Communications and Avionics for Robust Unmanned (Aerial) Systems

The ICARUS group works on the Unmanned Aircraft Systems research topic (UAS) and on the Air Traffic Management (ATM). In the UAS area the target is the development of systems that allow UAS efficient operations in the civil world. Also, the group is working on the identification of high added value applications for UAS utility demonstrator. The UAS airspace integration is also a target of the group. A short term target is to build a prototype of UAS capable to fly autonomously to obtain useful data for end users which are not expert on aeronautics. Technical research topics are: the aircraft, the avionics, the ground devices, communications and the software which creates the useful service out of these systems. In the ATM area the group is proposing new operative procedures that minimize the environmental impact of the general aviation and that will not compromise the economics requirements of the airliners. Also the procedures must maintain or enhance the security of the airspace.

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