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Some DAC researchers have generated spin-off companies:

Active Spin-offs

Energy Aware Solutions, 2020, co-founded by Julita Corbalán, offers a whole range of solutions for data center energy optimization to reduce cost and be eco-responsible.

Nearby Computing, 2019, co-founded by David Carrera, markets IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G technologies.

Mitiga Solutions, 2019, promoted by José María Cela, sells a software for predicting the impact of atmospheric catastrophes on the management of air traffic in emergency situations.

Elem Biotech, 2019, cofounded by José María Cela, sells the technology of simulation and analysis of data for the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector.

SemiDynamics, 2016, founded by Roger Espasa, specializes in microprocessor architecture, front-end design and verification services, with a special focus in RISC-V development, both for ASICs and FPGA solutions.

Metempsy, 2014, founded by Toni Juan, provides Contract and Consulting Services in the context of Computer Architecture, Application Optimization and Silicon Design.

Ludium Lab, 2012, created by Àlex Pajuelo and Javier Verdú, specialized in electronic transmission of information from the cloud.

Sparsity S.L.  2010, created by members of DAMA-UPC (Josep Lluís Larriba Pey, Víctor Muntés Mulero, Norbert Martínez Bazán, Pere Baleta Ferrer...), commercializes and provides services based on the technologies developed at DAMA-UPC.

Safelayer 1997, created by Paco Jordán, Jordi Iñigo, Jordi Buch and Manel Medina. Develops technology for digital identification, electronic signature and data encryption for documents and web services.

Other spin-offs that have emerged from the Department of Computer Architecture

Media technology Group, 2014, co-founded by Jaime Delgado and Silvia Llorente provides solutions for the secure management and distribution of multimedia content, based on International Standards.

Talaia Networks, S.L. 2013, co-founded by Pere Barlet-Ros, Josep Sanjuàs and Josep Solé-Pareta, develops innovative network monitoring products that enhance network visibility.

Miraveo Inc. 2008, created by Jorge García Vidal Develops ad-hoc, peer to peer networking technology to create and deploy robust and resilient Spontaneous Area Networks (SPANs), enabling location-based networking among users over conventional mobile devices.

Adda Documental 2006, created by Joan Carles Cruellas, Frederic Monràs, Manel Medina, Sergi Cabré and Pau del Canto. Currently, it has no activity,

Ready People S.L.2003, created by Marcel Medina and Manel Medina

TB-Security S.A. 1999, created by several esCERT-UPC members (Manel Medina, Jordi Linares, Marta Cruellas, Manuel García-Cervigón, ...), was InetSecur at the begining. Information security management, development of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) or other centralized solutions.

Semarket 1997, spun off form Safelayer. Develops products and services related with the identification and the verification of identities, access control and electronic signature.