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Some DAC researchers have generated spin-off companies:

  • Nearby Computing, 2019, co-founded by David Carrera, markets IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G technologies
  • Mitiga Solutions, 2019, impulsada per José María Cela, promoted by José María Cela, sells a software for predicting the impact of atmospheric catastrophes on the management of air traffic in emergency situations
  • Elem Biotech, 2019, cofounded by José María Cela, sells the technology of simulation and analysis of data for the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector
  • SemiDynamics, 2016, founded by Roger Espasa, specializes in microprocessor architecture, front-end design and verification services, with a special focus in RISC-V development, both for ASICs and FPGA solutions.
  • Metempsy, 2014, founded by Toni Juan, provides Contract and Consulting Services in the context of Computer Architecture, Application Optimization and Silicon Design.
  • media technology Group, 2014 (, co-founded by Jaime Delgado and Silvia Llorente provides solutions for the secure management and distribution of multimedia content, based on International Standards.
  • Talaia Networks, S.L. 2013 (, co-founded by Pere Barlet-Ros, Josep Sanjuàs and Josep Solé-Pareta, develops innovative network monitoring products that enhance network visibility. 
  • Ludium Lab, 2012, created by Àlex Pajuelo and Javier Verdú, specialized in electronic transmission of information from the cloud.
  • Sparsity S.L.  2010, created by members of DAMA-UPC (Josep Lluís Larriba Pey, Víctor Muntés Mulero, Norbert Martínez Bazán, Pere Baleta Ferrer...), commercializes and provides services based on the technologies developed at DAMA-UPC.
  • Miraveo Inc. 2008, created by Jorge García Vidal
    Develops ad-hoc, peer to peer networking technology to create and deploy robust and resilient Spontaneous Area Networks (SPANs), enabling location-based networking among users over conventional mobile devices.
  • Adda Documental 2006, created by Joan Carles Cruellas, Frederic Monràs, Manel Medina, Sergi Cabré and Pau del Canto. Currently, it has no activity,
  • Ready People S.L. 2003, created by Marcel Medina and Manel Medina
  • TB-Security S.A. 1999, created by several esCERT-UPC members (Manel Medina, Jordi Linares, Marta Cruellas, Manuel García-Cervigón, ...), was InetSecur at the begining. Information security management, development of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) or other centralized solutions.
  • Semarket 1997, spun off form Safelayer. Develops products and services related with the identification and the verification of identities, access control and electronic signature.
  • Safelayer 1997, created by Paco Jordán, Jordi Iñigo, Jordi Buch and Manel Medina. Develops technology for digital identification, electronic signature and data encryption for documents and web services.