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Ph.D. programs offered by DAC

Doctoral degrees are intended to provide advanced training in research techniques and include the defence of an original piece of research. Successful completion of the cycle leads to the title of doctor, the highest level of further education, and qualifies students for teaching and research.

DAC offers two doctorate programs:

doctorat.gifThe objective of the doctoral programme is to train researchers with international competence in some of the areas covered by the programme: computer architecture, operative systems, communications and networks of computers, and microelectronic design. In the field of teaching, the doctoral programme will also have the objective of training the lecturers who will be responsible for university teaching in the areas of knowledge covered by the programme.

EMJD-DC combines a well-structured, interdisciplinary training programme with high quality research work in leading research groups from four universities and countries: UPC (Spain), KTH (Sweden), IST Lisbon (Portugal), and UCL (Belgium).