The department offers training in the field of computer architecture and technology. Subjects are taught related to computer structure, computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks and programming.

The teaching activities in the department take place at four schools, which entrust the DAC with the teaching of bachelor’s degree courses. These degree courses give students the academic and professional training that enables them to enter the job market.

Master's Degrees

The schools also entrust the DAC with the teaching of master’s degrees. The master’s programs give students specialized training that enables them to further their professional careers or enter the world of research.


The DAC runs its own PhD in Computer Architecture. The program offers advanced training in research techniques. It is taught through courses, seminars and other activities, which lead to the writing and presentation of a doctoral thesis that consists of an original piece of research.

The Educational Workshop of the Department of Computer Architecture (JoDoDAC) was created in 1998, to promote the contact and the exchange of experiences among university teachers of the area of Computer Architecture, to discuss about the contents of the programs and the applied educational methods, and to introduce subjects and innovative visions that may help they to impart quality teaching.