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DAC Research Staff with highly cited articles in 2022
Albert Cabellos and Xavier Masip among the professors with highly cited articles from the UPC in 2022
Fermín Sánchez receives the SCIE and Fundación BBVA Research Award 2023
Fermín Sánchez receives the Research Award of the Spanish Informatics Society (SCIE) and the BBVA Foundation 2023, in the National Awards category
Teaching Innovation Award for three DAC professors
Pere Barlet Ros, Josep Solé Pareta and Albert Cabellos Aparicio receive the Teaching Initiative Award for the Applied Engineering Project (PAE).
Beatriz Otero and Ramon Canal participate at Vitamin-V european project
Departament d’Arquitectura de Computadors (DAC) from UPC coordinates Vitamin-V european project.
Pere Barlet receives an ICREA Academia 2022 grant
Jordi Torres participates in podcast 'Algorrritmes UPC'
Jordi Torres, researcher at BSC-CNS and DAC professor in UPC, explains all the secrets of what is known as 'the Formula 1' of computers at podcast 'Algorrritmes UPC'.
Jordi Torres' participation in the "Avui Sortim" radio program about AI
Several professors in the department are part of the top 2% of most cited scientists
Professor Enric Pastor has participated in the opening ceremony of the DroneLab in Castelldefels
Fermín Sánchez explains an experience of teaching innovation in the framework of the debate of the University Senate on the learning experience at the UPC
Jordi Torres is interviewed on Ràdio 4 in the program "The other radio"
José-Rafael Suárez‐Valera Macià, coadvised by Pere Barlet and Alberto Cabellos, recipient of a PhD award (2022 call)
Kaveh Mahdavi defends his PhD. Thesis
Alejandro Josué Calderón Torres defends his PhD. Thesis
The DAC wins the COIT-AEIT award for "supporting the best TFM IN-NOVA in Applications and Services for Cyber ​​Defense and Cyberintelligence"
Student Robert Guirado, tutored by Sergi Abadal, recipient of the COET-AEIT Award for the best TFM and the IBM Award for the best academic career
Call for MECD grants (2022/2023)
Kai Rasmus Keller defends his PhD. Thesis
Manel Medina interviewed at "La Vanguardia" newspaper as a cybersecurity expert
Mateo Valero has been named Honorary Member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors
Óscar Francisco Peredo Andrade defends his Ph.D.
Sima Barzegar defends her PdD. Thesis
Mateo Valero, interviewed at "La Vanguardia" newspaper regarding the Intel - BSC-CNS agreement
Sandra Macià Sorrosal defends her PhD. Thesis
Constantino Gómez Crespo defends his PhD. Thesis
Jordi Torres gives a talk at the 75th anniversary ceremony of the Marcombo publishing house interviews professors Manel Medina and René Serral
Mateo Valero, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University Cristóbal Colon, in Mexico
Pedro Benedicte Illescas defends his PhD. Thesis
Sergi Abadal recipient of a European Research Council (ERC)'s Starting Grant