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Sima Barzegar defends her PdD. Thesis
Mateo Valero, interviewed at "La Vanguardia" newspaper regarding the Intel - BSC-CNS agreement
Sandra Macià Sorrosal defends her PhD. Thesis
Constantino Gómez Crespo defends his PhD. Thesis
Jordi Torres gives a talk at the 75th anniversary ceremony of the Marcombo publishing house interviews professors Manel Medina and René Serral
Mateo Valero, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University Cristóbal Colon, in Mexico
Pedro Benedicte Illescas defends his PhD. Thesis
Sergi Abadal recipient of a European Research Council (ERC)'s Starting Grant
Isaac Sánchez Barrera defends his PhD. Thesis
Exploiting data locality in cache-coherent NUMA systems
Cristóbal Ramírez Lazo defends his PhD. Thesis
Adaptable register file organization for vector processors
Rosa Badia recognized by the ACM as a "Distinguished Member"
Albert Cabellos awarded by ICREA Acadèmia 2021
Beatriz Otero, re-elected as director of the DAC
Khulan Batbayar defenses his Phd Thesis
Connectivity sharing for wireless mesh network
Rommel Sánchez Verdejo defenses his Phd Thesis
HPC memory systems: Implications of system simulation and checkpointin
EspluguesTV interviews René Serral and Raül Roca
Mateo Valero takes part in a TV3 report on the manufacture of microchips in Europe
"Actualidad Económica" magazine interviews Mateo Valero
Ludium-lab, spin-off created at DAC, partnerships with ACCESS Europe GmbH
Antonio González interviewed in "La Vanguardia" newspaper in relation to the 50th anniversary of the Intel 4004 microprocessor
Mateo Valero receives the Honorary Collegiate award from the Professional College of Computer Engineering of Galicia
Mohammad Behnam Shariati, coadvised by Luis Velasco, recipient of a PhD award (2021 call)
Rubén Darío Rumipamba Zambrano, coadvised by Jordi Perelló, recipient of a PhD award (2021 call)
Miquel Moretó coordinates the development of the DVINO chip within the DRAC project
René Serral participates in a radio debate on the possible effects of an Internet outage
Manel Medina assesses in a radio interview Whatsapp's outage
Resolution of the Nacho Navarro Scholarships 2021-22
Act recognizing professor Fermín Sánchez - Premi UPC a la Qualitat en la Docència Universitària 2020
Manel Medina assesses in a radio interview Microsoft's decision to set up a new AI research center in Barcelona