The Department of Computer Architecture carries out research in the field of computer architecture and technology. It is involved in specific lines of research such as processor microarchitecture, compilers, programming models, operating systems, mobile and wireless networks, ATM networks, large-scale data management, data mining and multimedia content management, internet of things (IoT), unmanned aerial systems (UAS, RPAs),...

The research is undertaken by a number of research groups, which are in the main staffed by DAC personnel, although researchers from other university departments and private companies also form part of the research teams.

The quality of the research carried out by the DAC is demonstrated by the impact of its scientific output and the participation of its research groups in competitive projects in Spain and Europe. The research groups have organized some of the most important international conferences in the DAC’s field of knowledge (ICS-95, ISCA-98, PACT-2001, MICRO-2005, ...). The research groups undertake technology transfer through collaboration agreements with private companies at home and abroad.

It is worth highlighting the role some of the Department’s members have played in setting up and managing research centers and infrastructure (BSC-CNS, CCABA, CEPBA, CIRI, DAMA-UPC, esCERT, ...), and in attracting businesses to locate on the UPC campus (Compaq Lab, Intel Labs, ...).

Finally, several researchers and research groups from the DAC have been rewarded for their efforts with awards and honnors.