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Fermín Sánchez, recipent of UPC award to University Teaching Quality
" La Vanguardia" newspaper publishes that Jorge García Vidal advises the government on the use of an App to track Covid-19 infections
The call for the 2020 edition of the doctoral awards has started and the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program has selected 4 students who will be eligible for the award in our area.
DAC researchers participate in the DRAC project (Designing RISC-V-based Accelerators for next generation Computers)
Mateo Valero, co-author of an article in "La Vanguardia" newspaper
Mateo Valero, interviewed on RAC1 radio station
Act of recognition of Professor Miguel Valero, awarded with the UPC Quality Award in University Teaching 2019
Antonio González, recipient of "ICREA Academia 2019" award
Jordi Torres publishes the book "Python Deep Learning"
The AQU (Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency) has verified the PhD Program on Computer Architecture
Miquel Moretó and Mateo Valero, interviewed by newspaper "La Vanguardia" regarding the Lagarto chip
David Lopez, recipient of the "Premio AENUI a la calidad e innovación docente 2020" (AENUI award to the educational innovation 2020)
Fermín Sánchez, recipient of the 2019 UPC award to the social responsability
Eduard Ayguadé and Xavier Martorell, co-authors of the article recipient of the Wilkes Award (2019) of The Computer Journal
Rosa Badia recipient of the "DonaTIC 2019 academic/research" award
Sergi Abadal, honored with the Young Investigator Award from Nano Communication Networks (Elsevier)
Fermín Sánchez publishes two articles in The Conversation
Miguel Valero García, recipient of the Jaume Vicens Vives distinction
Fermín Sánchez, interviewed in an article from newspaper El País
Nacho Navarro grants (2019-20)
Jordi Perelló received the 2019 IEEE Communications Society Charles Kao Award for Best Optical Communications & Networking Paper
Miguel Valero has received the 22nd UPC Prize for Quality in University Teaching
Mateo Valero, scientific coordinator of the most powerful supercomputer in Europe to be installed at BSC in 2020
Visiting professor Yale Patt gives the seminar "Issues in Computer Architecture and Microarchitecture for Future Computing Machines "
Antonio González recipient of an Advanced Grant from the European Resarch Council
Mateo Valero receives the CénitS Award for Research Excellence
Manel Medina, recipient of the "2019 Nit de les Telecomunicacions" Honor Award
Ludium Lab launches Sora Stream, a flat-rate access to play in the cloud
Marisa Gil recipient of a "Distinguished Service Award" at conference HIPEAC 2019
Jose Mª Cela, cofounder of Mitiga Solutions spin-off