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CRAAX is a multidisciplinary research group formed by researchers from the Dpts. of Computer Architecture and Mathematics of the UPC, and of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. The group's current main activity is focused on two broad areas. Firstly, the optimal management of resources (network, cloud, edge / fog, IoT), approached from both a practical point of view (deployment of emulated scenarios, prototype development, etc.) and also an analytical perspective (development solutions based on data analytics, predictive models, model optimization, clustering, resilience, etc.), always aimed at considering cybersecurity guarantees. Secondly, the applicability of the theoretical results to two main scenarios: e-health (generation of estimative models and management strategies) and smart cities (modeling of deployment of city systems, deployment of services, etc.).

Research Areas

  • Cloud computing, edge/fog computing, F2C computing, IoT continuum
  • Network management, distributed systems orchestration
  • Data analytics intended to systems optimization (learning)
  • Cybersecurity, paying special attention to edge/fog/IoT ecosystems

Scientific production

Main Contact

Xavi Masip (

CRAAX webpage