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The ICARUS research group aims at addressing the current and future challenges related with the airspace and the aircraft, understanding airspace as any the open area, from few meters above ground to 60 thousands feet, and aircraft as vehicles from few grams to airliners of hundreds of tons. We work in optimizing aircraft operations, to reduce noise and gas emissions, to avoid or reduce delays, to automate aerial operation, to produce fast and effective payload processing, and to maintain safety as the priority number one. In our group we combine the theory with the practice, working with mathematical solvers, neural networks, graphs and queuing theories, also combined with a high degree of practice, from simulation, reinforcement learning, communication protocols, devices integration and real flights.

Research Areas

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles: design and architecture
  • Unmanned aerial system: missions
  • Unmanned traffic management
  • Air traffic management
  • Aircraft optimal trajectory

Scientific production

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Enric Pastor (

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