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The research activities of the ARCO group focus on computer architecture, compilers and parallel processing, with special emphasis on microarchitecture and code generation techniques for energy-efficient and reliable computing systems. One of its main current focuses is on intelligent computing systems, where the goal is to devise novel architectures for machine learning, computer vision and language processing. The other major focus is on graphics processors both for general-purpose and graphics workloads. The group consists of faculty members and students from Polytechnic University of Catalonia, University of Murcia and Rovira i Virgili University. The group has a long track record of scientific publications, with more than 500 research papers, and technology transfers, with more than 50 patents.

Research Areas

  • Architectures for Cognitive Computing Systems
  • Graphics Processors Architectures
  • Energy-Efficient Architectures
  • Memory System Architectures

Scientific production

Main Contact

Antonio González (

ARCO webpage